jeudi 9 juin 2011

What is the right time to listen to the radio?

Why do the interesting broadcasts usually come up when I am not surfing those waves? Do I have to get up at unduly hours to listen to something... clever?

I have just driven 1500 k's on my own over 3 days, and I heard much more interesting things than I have ever heard during the usual radio shows I listen to in the afternoons.
Apart from the time I picked up this great trick on how to store your cables that are crowding drawers, coffee table, handbag, etc. But come to think of it, I heard it in the very early morning, coming back from dropping the Man at the station at 6.30 am. So again, not my usual listening time.
yep, toilet paper rolls, with miles and miles of cables tidily hiding inside!
Years ago, I could feel myself becoming smarter every night as I snuggled in front of the TV at 3am whilst nursing LittleSister. I watched politics, economics and biology expert explaining things that were way beyond my usual scope of understanding. 
... do you think that this newly acquired intellingence was passed on through my milk to the LittleOne? Did it make her a genius?

No idea about the genius, but the adoring look at her Dad is still as strong as then. That's what counts, right?

As for me, I am back to listening my not very intellectually challenging broadcasts in the afternoons...

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