dimanche 28 novembre 2010

Dyslexie ou esprit mal tourné?

A mon avis, c'est la 2e option, mais j'ai des doutes car ça m'arrive régulièrement.... Je lis un truc rapidement, et le mot qui arrive à mon cerveau n'est pas du tout celui qui est écrit.
Après relecture, je comprends vite ce qui s'est passé: j'ai amalgamé 2 lignes pour fabriquer un autre mot, qui me fait
-lever les yeux au ciel
-penser à quelqu'un

Bref, l'image créée est souvent bien plus forte que celle que je suis sensée lire et c'est probablement la raison pour laquelle mon cerveau accepte un raccourci plus puissant que la réalité.

Vous lisez la même chose que moi?

samedi 27 novembre 2010

To Do Lists

This one is not going to be the most entertaining post of all, but some things are easier once their are written somewhere, at least for me.
Maybe a post now and then with lists is a healing thing to do, as if it helped me focus on important things (to me) that are really nagging me at this point. And that is what the whole blog is about, sharing things that feel important. So for today, my listing exercise/ze:

Be so much more peaceful with my children, which entails:
-sleeping more
-playing with them
-reading to them more
-focusing on the positive things
-be more generous with my time
-admiring them for what they are

A friend who is now in her third year of 'family management' course was reflecting to me yesterday how some things that seem 'laughable' at first, like approving and admiring and encouraging in a very 'non-french' and 'overenthusiastic' way have become automatic responses after a while and are now so natural to her that her relationship and behaviour with her children has totally changed and improved...

Getting ready for our trip abroad at Christmas:
- Meeting teachers to have a homework plan because the children are going to miss school.

- Planning their backpacks for the 24-hour plane trip.

- Planning their suitcases with stuff for summer whilst we are watching the first snowflakes settle down on the streets. (I know, let's not complain here...)

- Make sure all the bills and taxes have been paid. ('All' not being the adequate word, they are never ALL paid)

- Tidy up garage to fit in both cars whilst we are away. (We have a bet going with Jérôme, he says they won't fit, I say they will...)

- Change sheets before leaving. (and wash and dry and fold them of course... mmmhmmm not sure about this one..)

- Finish planning and buying Christmas gifts, take pictures of the ones we are not taking with us. (Doll stroller, snow boots, things that might be a bit bulky AND useless on this trip?)

- Send 20 Christmas cards (can't possibly do more this year!)

- Lose 10kg (yeah, well... not sure about this one either..)

- Sort through the 20km of electrical wires (phone battery charger, laptop battery charger, camera battery charger, Ipod battery charger, energy battery charger for me???)

- Make a list of safety things to check before leaving (HA! Another list coming up!)

- NOT BE STRESSED OUT, yeah right.

- Update my blog a bit more often, I miss it.

Photos are a bit scarce these days, my camera is dying and I am hoping to find a new one in my birthday gifts on the plane, as we are leaving on the day I turn 4XXXXXXXXXXX!

samedi 20 novembre 2010

la Toussaint, encore

Je me réveille trrrrrrrrrrrrès tôt pour un samedi matin et me voici de nouveau au poste....

Dans la série 'Mots d'enfants':

Petite Soeur fait ses devoirs de CP avec moi, elle lit "le lion dévore le mouton..." Elle se marre et me dit "C'est pas vrai, parce que le lion vit dans la forêt très loin et le mouton vit dans la montagne. Le lion peut pas manger le mouton!" CQFD

En CM1, Moyenne Soeur nous récite sa leçon: "Alors, quand le supermatozoïde rejoint l'ovule, ça s'appelle la fécondation et..." On n'a pas entendu la suite, Grand Frère et Grande Soeur riaient trop fort.
Nous leur avons donc gentiment rappelé que l'un d'entre eux, vers 7-8 ans, nous avait parlé des "astéroïdes de Papa."
On en déduit que ces tout petits machins méritent une appellation spéciale quand ils sont un cru familial. Le Papa est fier.

Petite retour sur les vacances de la Toussaint pour quelques photos encore. Après un temps de rêve à la montagne, petite incursion au bord de la mer où nous avons regardé les kitesurfer kitesurfer et... tomber la pluie.

vendredi 19 novembre 2010

Bad Mood

I am angry. Very very angry.
I can't tell much, as it is not my story to tell, but I just have to vent it out.

How can a single girl justify to herself coming on to, then starting an affair with, and also planning on a future and all that entails together with a married man, a father, no matter what he tells her of his (enormous quotation marks) "unhappiness"???

I know, there is his and her faults, it's their story, blablabla.
I know it's none of my business.
I know I don't know anything.

I will still make sure in my daughters' education that some things definitely feel very very wrong some times, no matter how twisted and deformed one's vision of them might be.

I don't believe that if a marriage is doomed to fail, it is doomed. That is not true, we all know we can work at it. I am not saying we can save it always, but it demands work first.
Coming to the advanced age of 41, I am suddenly seeing men leaving their family, ALL because they were never "happy" and had found their "happy one", suddenly. So if the happy one had not happened, they would never have left???
The sad answer seems to be : no, they would never have left. Would it have been better, is it a disputable philosophy of 'If it ain't broken, don't fix it'... maybe. But nothing is as simple as that.
I just think the responsibility of the new woman here is huge and not pretty.

I am raving here, but I am sooooo angry.

Will probably reread this post in a few days and feel terrible about it...
Who am I to feel entitled to judge?

mardi 9 novembre 2010


Hier soir, petit mot maladroit de l'un d'entre nous pour dire à Marie-Liesse qu'elle était la plus énervante de nos enfants. Ben oui, ça arrive, le mot sort et on se dit qu'on a endommagé notre enfant pour le restant de ses jours.

Gymnastique intellectuelle digne des plus grands champions du monde de psychologie enfantine, tant en vitesse qu'en pirouette, le mot a été transformé en "C'est toi qui a le pouvoir d'"énervation" le plus puissant de nos enfants, tu en as hérité de ton Papa, et en plus tu sais l'activer quand tu veux au maximum... t'es très très forte!!!"
Eclats de rire, le sourire est revenu... et à ce moment-là, Marie-Liesse nous raconte:

Après la cantine, quand il pleut, on va dans la salle de télé. L'autre jour il y avait une grande qui était à côté de moi et qui n'arrêtait pas de faire 'pic pic' sur ma jambe pendant le film et ensuite ça s'est transformé en petits coups de poings. Alors je lui ai fait pareil et elle s'est tournée vers moi en disant:
"Mais ce n'est pas moi qui t'embête!"
et je lui ai répondu:
"Moi non plus!" (tête de Marie-Liesse avec un grand sourire sournoisement innocent)

On a tous éclaté de rire et applaudi!
En fait, les talents de pestouille, ça peut être très utile.. Quelle arme!
J'aurais voulu prendre une photo de la tête de Marie-Liesse nous mimant la scène.

vendredi 5 novembre 2010

Halloween for us

After years of pumpkin carving competition, I have let things go since we came back to France where Halloween is more used as a business/shopping/decoration item than anything else, as it's definitely not a european tradition...
But just to prove it, here are some photos from past Halloween pumpkins...

My favourite! Our 2005 spider pumpkin.

It did win a prize, if I remember well.

Our 2006 fiasco. The following morning, the parts where the sweets came in contact with the wet parts of the pumpkin had dissolved the sweets, everything had fallen down, it looked like nothing any more!!!!

But there was a lot of fun involved in the making, so a great memory all in all!

The 2007 masterpiece by Pacôme. The children are growing, won't let me get near their work so much, I am starting to learn to let go (still learning, grmbl grmbl..)

and I love this pirat!

No pumpkin for us after this. I got lazy. I am promising myself to have a great pumpking carving session with the children next year. So this is as far as our Halloween got this year:

Yeah well, that's Jérôme sitting in the back making calls, my brother-in-law is driving and I am giggling at my 2 youngest! Jérôme finds that not having a license for 1 month is bliss, he is being chauffeured around and arrives everywhere fully rested and relaxed!

jeudi 4 novembre 2010

2500km plus tard

C'est vrai, nous passons beaucoup de temps à partir en vacances, à en revenir, et je ne résiste pas à poster quelques photos. Tour du sud de la France, tour météo, tour de la famille, les vacances furent bien remplies...

Montagne enneigée à partir d'une limite bien définie, couleurs d'automne en dessous, mes photos ne rendent pas justice au paysage.

Arrivée à la montagne sous la neige, avec des passages de cols dignes du plus froid de l'hiver.

Et le lendemain, on est les premiers à en profiter... Les seuls d'ailleurs, il n'y que le gardien du refuge et nous dans le village !