samedi 15 mai 2010

week-end in London

Arrival in Saint Pancras, Thursday night. The children are so happy to see their dad. I am pushing the luggage trolley, MiddleSister wanted to stay close to me, I like it but I regret not having her on this shot.

Since we are spending the week-end in London, I think this post should be written in English. I don't really have much time to write, as I have some urgent administrative paperwork to deal with, but I just wanted to share a bit.

The Man had to work yesterday, I was on my own for the entire day, in beautiful nearly sunny London, with 4 children of different age groups, interests and mood.
A situation I dread. Really. It scares me no end. I think of the tube journey to go anywhere, I think of the tiresome walking, the whingeing, the thirst, the bathroom stops, the boredom, the BEHAVIOUR!!! And I just want to hide in my bed and let the day pass.

Well, we did it. The Barbican, 20 minutes' walk, Saint Paul, Millenium Bridge, Modern Tate Gallery, picnic, Tube, snack, Science Museum, snack, Tube, back home to the Man. Shopping with him whilst the little ones collapsed in front of 'Charlotte's Web', dinner, sleep (instead of above mentionned admin work..)

I took pictures of flowers, would you believe it. I went hiking around London with my 4 beautiful children, spent time in 2 wonderful museums, walked past St Paul's Cathedral, over the Millenium Bridge, had a picnic on an english lawn with english uniformed schoolchildren milling about everywhere, and I just made loads of flower pictures!!!

We took a trip down memory lane by visiting 'the garden' in the Science Museum, I used to spend hours there with BigBrother and BigSister 11 years ago. We had a good time. BigBrother watched an IMax movie on the underwater world and enjoyed it. We saw a great and hilarious show on structures/bridges. We did loads of hands-on experiences.

I have very few pictures to post as I did not take the right cable to download them. Will post photos on Monday..

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