jeudi 17 janvier 2013

Broken Peace

I started this post just to show this panoramic picture above I took of Camden Lock Market the other day.

 Then I fished around for these two pictures I took a while back when I was enjoying a peaceful moment in my favourite TeaShop up there (Yumchaa). Sometimes, around 10 in the morning, you might find me here, enjoying a peaceful moment, a cup of tea and a scone or two.

Certains matins, vous me trouverez

And then it brought up the memory of the last time I was there, a month ago, when a couple  next to me  (there is a maximum of 8 tables for 2 inside this teashop) was having a huge row. There was just them and me, so difficult to ignore. They started in whispers, then it got louder and louder, until the woman finally left, I could hear her howling inside her head.

à savourer paisiblement un thé, un ou deux scones.

Sometimes rows are necessary, sometimes when you love each other deeply, and you can't get your point across, then some anger, shouts, though very disturbing, are helping to crack the silence, the 'non-communication'. I know it works for us, because we both know that we are working things out together. Not sure I make sense here.
However this couple was not getting anywhere. She wanted something that he did not want to give her. I am not sure, was it a child or a commitment, there was no love, there was just want on both sides, and their wants were not matching. However they were together, no so young anymore, and she sounded so desperate and he so angry.
It's exhausting just to think about this scene ...

Mais il y un mois environ, la scène n'était pas si paisible que ça : les seuls autres clients étaient un couple en proie à une violente dispute sous forme de chuchotements en crescendo, et cela s'est terminée avec la femme quittant le salon de thé brusquement. Ca hurlait dans sa tête, la communication n'éait pas passée. Pas de conclusion, juste un souvenir perturbant...

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