jeudi 13 octobre 2011

la vérité sur l'Espion qui venait du froid

- C'est qui 'Jambon'?
PetiteSoeur lit par dessus mon épaule.
Je cherche, mais non, je ne trouve pas de 'jambon' dans l'article que je lis.
- Mais si! Là:
James Bond...

I'll try to translate the untranslatable...
Little Sister is reading over my shoulder 'Who is "jambon"?' ("jambon" is the word "ham" in french)
I look again at what I am reading. The word 'jambon' is nowhere in sight.
"There, mummy, look!"
When a 6 year old who is learning to read in french, learning that lots and lots of last letters in words are not pronounced, like 's' and 'e' and 't' and 'd' etc., reads the words "James Bond", she will read them sounding like "jambon".
This is how the handsome hunky spy ended up sliced and packaged in a supermarket fridge.

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