lundi 6 décembre 2010


Following Courtney's (Storinguptreasures blog) example, I am giving you

My discoveries for this month:

- If I miss one gym class, I make a habit of it and conveniently forget to go the following Mondays.. So let me hurry this post along so as not to 'forget' today.

- No matter how many bananas I buy, it's never enough, I have one in my cereals the first day, half one the next (had to share with Anaëlle), none the third.

- Asking them with a smile, with a threat, with a yell, with a treat, with a compliment, with a joke... doesn't work: teenagers will always be teenagers. I just have to accept it. Can't though.

- Jérôme has been back full time for 3 months now, working from home. I love it, no matter how incredulous some people look when I tell them, truly, honestly, I love it. It's... happy. It's not always organised, it's not always peaceful, but it's fun and happy.

- You can feed a family of 6 for a week without going shopping, just by making do with what's in the cupboards. They won't like everything you give them, but that's all they get..

However, I have to run to the gym AND do a tiny bit of shopping now (bananas!)

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  1. De retour au bercail ???
    Bonne année à tous...
    Pierre pourrait faire un passage à Paris en janvier, je vous fais signe si tel est le cas.