vendredi 5 novembre 2010

Halloween for us

After years of pumpkin carving competition, I have let things go since we came back to France where Halloween is more used as a business/shopping/decoration item than anything else, as it's definitely not a european tradition...
But just to prove it, here are some photos from past Halloween pumpkins...

My favourite! Our 2005 spider pumpkin.

It did win a prize, if I remember well.

Our 2006 fiasco. The following morning, the parts where the sweets came in contact with the wet parts of the pumpkin had dissolved the sweets, everything had fallen down, it looked like nothing any more!!!!

But there was a lot of fun involved in the making, so a great memory all in all!

The 2007 masterpiece by Pacôme. The children are growing, won't let me get near their work so much, I am starting to learn to let go (still learning, grmbl grmbl..)

and I love this pirat!

No pumpkin for us after this. I got lazy. I am promising myself to have a great pumpking carving session with the children next year. So this is as far as our Halloween got this year:

Yeah well, that's Jérôme sitting in the back making calls, my brother-in-law is driving and I am giggling at my 2 youngest! Jérôme finds that not having a license for 1 month is bliss, he is being chauffeured around and arrives everywhere fully rested and relaxed!

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