mardi 4 mars 2014

a picture and a story

I have been reminded that a blog is a day-to-day account, a running commentary, a commitment, (thanks Stephanie!)

A picture

BigSister's Sweet Sixteen, I baked.
And decorated a bit.
I just want to say that she pretended not to be impressed. She wants to be all mature about the fact that she likes the "character" (see my eyes rolling ?) and not necessarily the actor. MiddleSister, as a not so discreet "honest" (second eye roll) blabbermouth screamed (in between bouts of laughter) that BigSister was swooning just by listening to HIS voice the last time they watched an episode.
Right. Time to change the topic. 

A story
Before we go away on holiday, I always ask myself "If our house is broken into, what would I hate to loose?"
And then I either pack the precious things in the car (ahem… van, really) or hide them in very clever places. 
Can't find my Guerlain face cream since we came back.
I know it's somewhere. Somewhere very clever…

edit : it is the first time I have owned such an expensive face cream, it was a very lovely gift from good friends.
So I did not want it to disappear, just in case.
Never mind the obvious 'why would a burglar bother with a half-used face cream?' I did not worry myself with such silly question. All I knew was that I really like this cream.
But now I have no idea where I hid it.

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