dimanche 24 novembre 2013


The mind-bogling starts with the title, when all I wanted was to post a few lines on how this morning was a …"content" one. Never mind, let's flow with the thoughts :
You see, whether you are french or english, the title won't give away the first language of the post. 

In french, "content" has lost its power. When I think quickly about its translation into english, I first think 'happy' but then I know straight away that that's no right. 
It means 'happy because satisfied because something has been achieved'.

So, put like this, it is not far from the english meaning. 

Which I understand as 'relaxed because nothing else is needed right now'.

But actually, that's miles away. One (fr.) means 'Things have been achieved, by me and others, to my satisfaction of mind', the other one (e.) means 'I do not need anything more than what I have, right now.'

If one was to exaggerate, the first one is bragging, the other one is thankful. YES! I caught this difference of meaning that I was looking for.

And to answer your question, I REALLY had the english meaning in mind when I started but, as you will see further down, I did achieve something that relaxed me, so there is probably a bit of french in me, hehehe.

No, I did not want to ruin the whole effect of my morning thoughts by prosaically cheating into a dictionary or even doing a 3 sec. search. No way…

This Sunday morning, I am content because :
-I am thinking about declaring it a National Pajama Day… 
-I have had my hour's peace in the kitchen with coffee, reading, unloading and reloading 3 machines, started the bread, folded laundry. Precious time. Even met LittleSister in the stairs who voluntarily said "Mummy, I am going back to bed for a moment." Indeed. She knows. She is the wise soul in this family.
I rang MY Mummy, caught her at exactly the right time, awake but in bed worrying over very worrying things in her life at the moment. Listened to her, did not commiserate to much, saw the funny side and made her laugh. (well, now just typing this is making me cry !?!?)
-And the cherry on the cake : time for this post right now.

Back to those waffles I promised for breakfast last night when now was very far away…

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