lundi 16 mai 2011


Anything to say here? Hellooooo?
Sorry, Hélène is surfing the net and checking the hourly updates in the news. She has indeed nothing to say, she is just wondering and reading and wondering, pondering....

On Saturday evening, 18.30 french time, whilst other things were happening elsewhere in the world, Middledaughter was doing her Holy Communion in a suburb of Paris.
That is a Very Important Event. However, I got very very annoyed by the priest's speech, he is so extreme, too extreme for me. Telling the children: "If your parents tell you on Sunday morning that going to mass is NOT important, they LIE! Don't believe them, because you HAVE to come and meet Jesus every Sunday blablablablabla...."
Grrrr, I am still angry. It's not so much the message I resent, as the way and the words used to pass it on. Where was the message of love, where was the Happy Spirit?

I guess I can't chose to half belong to a Church. Like I can't decide not to be French hahaha.

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