lundi 2 mai 2011

The man with the sharpening tools

Just tell me if you have ever seen something like this:

No? Well neither had I, until last Friday.
It all started a few weeks ago with Jérôme showing me some beautiful knives in a shopwindow and complaining that ours at home ought to be sharpened. I answered -annoyingly I suppose- that we had this thing (called a 'sharpener'!!!) to sharpen them and that neither of us ever use it. He simply stated that he did not know how to use it properly and wanted the knives to be professionally sharpened.
I looked blankly at him and burst out laughing "All right. So you want me to sit on the doorsteps and wait for the (quick check with an online translator- oops I don't think I mean a grinder, I'll just describe it) man to come by with his sharpening tools and ask him to fix my knives and saucepans?" 
I obviously had the sympathy of a lady standing next to us, she laughed at this and at my husband's tongue-in-cheek answer "Yes, that's exactly what I want.
-Well, our knives are gonna wait a while, I promise you that."

I should never promise things I don't know anything about. On Friday, Jérôme arrived home from a meeting and said "Quick, the 'man with the sharpening things' is in the street, now is the time to get our knives done."
-You're joking, right? Stop making fun of me.
-Not joking, but you have to hurry, he is making his way down the street."
Sure enough, there he was. 

Check out the window, you never know, there might be some flying pigs flying by.

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