mardi 10 mai 2011

I am an artist in the kitchen. I am the only one who knows it.

I am finally mastering the difficult art of making polenta. You may smile. It's a big feat for me, I totally did not understand how it was meant to look, taste, feel like, to start with.
Today, I looked up 'polenta' in Tea's blog as I remembered a wonderful post she had written about it, and I used Tartelette's post on radishes to do a mix and match, thus forgetting that the whole post's name was "rosemary roasted radishes and turkey brie panini", not just 'roasted radishes". Small detail.

Well, I guess Tartelette's radishes were better than mine. Or maybe cooked radishes are an acquired taste. Or both. Or maybe you're not meant to mix them with black olives. Or maybe my children are difficult (I did like them roasted.) 
The radishes, not the children.

Anyway, I used Roquefort instead of Taleggio, added a bit of cream and heated both to make a sauce rather than just strips of cheese on top of the polenta. It may have something to do with the fact that not all my children like blue cheese and I would have had a riot on my hands. 
I kind of gently fried my boring pink radishes and some black olives.

The colours looked good and the Man loved the Roquefort sauce with his polenta. Had a half ironic smile over the radish and olive addendum. Eventually agreed with me (I prodded and he treaded very carefully, I may say) that it would have been even better with mushrooms. Tea, you are entitled to strut and sing 'I told you so'.

And I will try to make the radish recipe with ALL the ingredients.

2 commentaires:

  1. Ha, ha--while I would never strut and say "I told you so," the image of it made me laugh! Glad you liked the polenta. I think I must now try a Roquefort sauce. That sounds wonderful!

  2. Thanks Tea for you comment. I really appreciate you visiting!
    Roquefort is a bit salty somethimes though. And to tell you the truth, even to us proud-of-our-cheeses-french people, Taleggio is a treat and I personally like it better... close to Gorgonzola..