dimanche 8 mai 2011

How I manage my mind...

(Same post in french just before, here, but actually not literally translated!!!)
Vocabulary for this 'mind management' course I am taking is failing me, hence the post in french about it. I am going to try to translate the main ideas...

I am starting to understand the reason why communication between my husband and myself is not that simple. After 18 years of marriage, some of you would be entitled to suggest it was high time. 

So when the Man is explaining to me anything to do with computers for instance, he states the main idea and goes straight to the point; after 2 sentences I have no idea what he is talking about.. Can you imagine how dumb I feel then? 
When I explain something to him, he gets bored by the thousand details I enclose in my story, and either finishes himself my demonstration with the main idea which is kind of what I wanted to say but not quite, or asks me after a while 'And your point is?'
Part of our communication is not very smooth.

Thankfully, in our case, we know each other so well that we we seem to have developped telepathic skills, enabling us to communicate with half sentences, and that works well. As long as there is no explaining to do, we are fine!

Some of you might mention that the Mars an Venus books have already covered this issue.

But I am digressing. This course I am taking is not about communication, it is about understanding how my mind works, how I use this new knowledge by improving the way I process informations.

When I meet someone new, why do I remember their voice but not their face?
Another classic example is the 'pincode' you have to dial to get inside buildings in Paris. I had to remember one this morning, to use 10 minutes later. No pen, no paper, oops. I said it aloud and turned it into a date. 57 May. It made me laugh, and I won't ever forget it. 
Why does it work for me but not for some of my children? Accepting this difference is making me a more patient person already.

The main point of this course is to give the pupil confidence and tools. When they are in an education system that does not suit the way their mind works, they end up very quickly feeling like a failure and they don't know why they're failing. Understanding this and overcoming the 'system' by developing methods of learning better suited to them will breed confidence and self-esteem...

 What do you see first, what does your mind tell you?
 Do you see the big picture (geography, world map..), the symbol (the city of Sydney), art (architecture), the function (music, musicians, events...)? I personally use the 'merging' link here: Sydney Opera=Sydney, but others might do an 'inclusion' and think 'Australia': "This is IN Australia", or might evoque the year the opera was built and see a timeline and so forth.

I am not going to detail the course here. First of all I am encountering the usual obstacle, ie I understood perfectly what I heard, was taught and practised, but am unable to explain what we did in a logical sequence (mhm, not there yet!!!) And second it should be done by professionals, which I am not (in case you were wondering.)
Look up "Antoine de La Garanderie" and "mind management", there is plenty information available if I made you want to know more about it!

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