vendredi 22 avril 2011


Listening to the radio in the car this morning (Radio Bleue Paris.) 
They were interviewing this guy, Benjamin Voron, who is travelling from New York to Los Angeles on an electric scooter, trying to do it without spending a single dollar into recharging it. He just arrives somewhere, asks people for permission to 'plug in' and recharges his scooter.
35 miles autonomy, in 1.30 hour, then 2.30 hours to recharge, then off again. He drives 70 miles per day.
People are apparently being very helpful, really intrigued and curious about his adventure
"Experiencing Adventure, Environment and Solidarity" is how he put it. 

Along with the main radio presenter, there was another commentator, named Bernard Darliche. He was quite virulent about the whole electrical vehicle thing, saying that Benjamin's experience would serve to highlight the fact that the loss of time, the lack of efficient batteries to this day makes the electrical vehicles not a possible option today. "They are selling us the concept, but forget to tell us that we will have to pay dearly in terms of time. Time is precious, time is money, and these electrical vehicles today would make us lose so much of it that it is not conceivable to switch to the electrical choice in the immediate future."
He has a point. But as long as we don't want to use these electrical solutions, progress on their technologies won't be made in a hurry. Research has a way of speeding up on topics that matter at the moment, not later. Research procrastinates. Back to the time issue. Here is where I need to mindmap.

I could not help but link what I was listening to with Carl Honoré's ideas and the Slow Movement. I have not read his books yet, I discovered him two months ago and am slowly -pun not intended but haha- working my way through his blog, ideas, videos etc. And find myself driving slower, typing slower, stopping whatever I am doing to look, really look, at what my child is telling me -weird phrasing intended.

"Time is money, when I want it to be and on my terms please," I felt like answering M. Darliche.

That's it for today, I am off for a bit of mindmapping!

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