mercredi 20 avril 2011

Big Brother

I have given myself an impossible task with my latest comment. There is no way I can post nicknames for my children. Their nicknames are even more private than their first names. Everybody uses their first names. Their nickname are endearments, are relevant to a particular moment in time, I can't find any good reason to label one child 'Grumpy' and the other one 'Superstar' on this blog just because one is often grumpy and the other one wants to be a superstar. When my often grumpy child is happy and smiling, it lifts my heart and makes me so grateful that I forget her grumpy side. When the ambitious superstar is singing for hours non-stop making our ears ache, we don't really think she is a superstar, unless we are sarcastic...

I could try BigBrother, BigSister, MiddleSister and LittleSister... Thinking as I am typing that I will give this a go.

And the story I promised will finally be a short version. Suffice to say that our son did something very brave and we are extremely proud of him and grateful: he showed maturity and took responsibility in a situation where he could have simply turned his back and ignored things that were happening in front of him. He came to us and trusted us to deal with it. 

Thank you...

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