mercredi 2 mars 2011


No computer for me after 4.30 pm when school breaks up, at least until the children are in bed.
The good thing is that I then often don't feel like resuming my computer activities and go to bed early.
SO: I tackled all my sawing and mending within 3 days, it had been piling up for over a year.
- I mended half a dozen torn trousers, shirts, soft toys...
- AND I turned Big Sister's old and torn pair of jeans into THIS:

Big Sister's birthday on Monday. Needless to say that all we got her did not stand a chance next to her godfather's parcel that arrived ON TIME from the US, complete with Dumbledore's wand, Harry Potter's scarf AND the Marauder's Map. Oh dear. 
Thank you so much, Derek, for giving her so much joy, she was overwhelmed, is the envy of a few people in her class (which may seem petty but let's face it, it IS important!), is wearing her scarf to school every day - probably wishing for the cold spell to hang on so she can keep wearing it - and intrudes at 10.30pm on our lovely quiet couple's night watching a movie in order to explain how she solved the Marauder's map intricacies and how and where etc. (geee, thanks, D.!!! :))

Here you go, D., THE picture:

As part as my sewing spell, we had a lovely little shopping expedition with Anaëlle, chosing a button to replace a lost one on a pretty pink striped cardigan.
Sewing goes with relaxing and new resolutions, so it comes with my current reading: a classic french novel by Henri Bosco that I never ever read, L'Ane Culotte. It starts slowly, so difficult to read more than one page at a time, but I am getting hooked after the first chapter, pulled into it by the beautiful description of the Provence countryside, the smells, the old fashion 'peasant' language and the plot!!!

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