vendredi 17 septembre 2010


Right... I am spending much more time on english speaking blogs than on french ones.
The way I see it, if I leave a comment with my name linking to my blog, you english speaking guys are going to be totally frustrated by not being able to read my fascinating everyday life, my Moods and small Joys (that's the litteral translation of my blogs' name, to start with!) exactly like I loose quickly interest when I link to a norwegian or japanese blog, even though the pictures might be lovely etc.
So. I have now decided to do every other post in english. If I stick to it.

Today I have an important question for everyone: Why is it that everytime I decide to do gym, sports, be active and look after myself, I come down with a really bad cold/caugh/sinus infection within 5 days of my busy program? I decided not to listen to the warning bells in my throat last night and went swimming anyway.
Suffice to say I am not feeling better today.

Little Anaëlle is taking swimming lessons. After one week sailing end of August, we decided we were horrible stupid fools - that's weak words - for not teaching her to swim before. She WAS wearing her safety jacket whilst sailing, but not ALL the time when we were anchored, and accidents happen, as we all know. So I gave prayers of thanks that nothing did, and rang the local swimming pool for lessons the day after we got back.

The amazing part is how strong her willpower is. She has decided she would learn as fast as possible, so she hangs on to EVERYTHING her teacher says, she does exactly what he says, and I can see on her little face how much it's hard sometimes. She just scrunches her face into strong concentration, and goes on with it. It's heartbreaking AND amazing to watch.
I have to take my camera into the pool next time.

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  1. Heureusement que je ne prends pas une telle décision car vu l'état de mon anglais, il n'y aurai plus bcp de news !!!!