mardi 13 avril 2010

My english post. My thank you post...

Ohhh, I've got it bad. I was just having a major (well not really, but my throat hurts) yelling session at the girls who were running around screaming and shouting whilst I answered the phone and stayed on it litterally ONE minute (too many apparently.) Can't blame them, really. But I did and shouted from the top of my head: GO TO BED. NOOOOOOW!
Two little mice scurrying away wouldn't have gone faster. So cute.. They then got a big kiss and a huge cuddle and all was well.

And while this was going on, I was thinking to myself "This is going to be the opening line of the english speaking post I have been wanting to write for a while now!" The ideas about things I want to write about arrive so fast I should write them down, I forget half of them by the time I sit down and start typing.

So the story goes like this:
Once upon a time I was looking for a recipe.
Stumbled upon Tea's blog and loved it all,
her writing, the photos, the food...

I was hooked. Decided here and there to start
blogging as well. I am not a great photographer, but it doesn't matter, I will improve.
Or not.

One thing I would really like to acquire, though, is the epicurian feel I get from Tea's, the willpower and the peace I find in Ginny's, the joy and humour I see in Courtney's. That's more than one thing, I know.

That's because I need to be ambitious, too.

I am well aware you are not all that appears in your posts, not all joy and not all happy, not all patience and not all art and craft, not all cooking and savouring life. But these things are there, and they are the things you chose to share, and I am learning from them, so THANKS.

One post from Courtney saying "stop stalking, post a comment, introduce yourself, here!" gave me pause to think: "Am I a stalker?" Where is the borderline?
A comment I read today said "I find the world of blogging a bit creepy". Oops, have I entered the world of creepiness? is my next worry.

The truth is that, so far, I really really love blogging. You see, I get to talk as much as I want, and if somebody happens to be listening, that's great... but if not, I still got to pour my brain's meanderings somewhere and I can read them again at leisure without boring anyone.

AND, even better, I get to go back and edit anything I have written, check the spelling over and over again, especially now when hardly anyone comes and reads my blablabla. But if you happen to be here and find mistakes, by all means, give me a free english lesson and correct me, I will be grateful. I might even change the children's names. That would give me the space to use the nicknames they won't let me call them anymore.

I need to go to bed now, will finish tomorrow.

(next day:) Other signs that I am not quite mature enough about/addicted to blogging: I went to bed at 1.50 AM last night, and I am spending a lot of time taking pictures of ... things.

actually, this was taken by Thaïs (12), 'Pacôme (13) walking on a carpet of wild garlic.' Can you smell it?

2 commentaires:

  1. hi Helene! thanks for commenting on my blog, it's really special when someone you don't know says something nice! i enjoyed your post about blogging; i really relate to it!

    je parle un peu de francais - je vais essayer a lire un peu de ton blog (?!) demain quand les enfants ne sont ici...

    oh dear, that must be terrible; the last time i spoke french was when i was 17. anyway, nice to meet a kindred spirit on a blog! i'll try to read a bit more when i can concentrate on my french!

    best wishes, sheena.

  2. No terrible at all, Sheena, close to perfect, honestly! Thank you for commenting back!